The worst flu I’ve EVER had

You would think with all the news reports on how bad this years’ strand of the flu was, that I would get a flu shot.


Instead, my dumb ass waited until I got THE WORST FLU I’VE EVER HAD.

I didn’t even know it was POSSIBLE to feel this bad from the flu.

The other night I started having hallucinations because my fever was so high.


When I went to the clinic, they couldn’t get a good reading of my blood pressure because my pulse was so fast from how high my fever was.

Did that sentence even make sense??? Probably not… but I’m so delirious right now from my fever and these medications, that I think I get a free pass.

The worst part of being at the clinic though was the fact that the med student who took my vitals was SO CUTE and was being really sweet, but I knew I looked like a hot ass mess. If only there were different circumstances.

Then the doctor walked in and said, “Well… it looks like you come here a lot.”

Yes. I’m a sick kid. 😦

I walked out of the clinic with no less than four prescriptions.


One of my medications is a cough suppressant that within five minutes of taking it, makes you PASS OUT. I’ve started playing this game where every time I take a dose of it, I see if I can make it through an episode of Family Guy on Hulu. I usually make it through the first 10 minutes before falling sleep with my computer on my lap sitting up.


And with that… I can barely keep my eyes open… so I’m going back to bed to sleep for probably another five hours.  Then I’ll probably get up, drink a gatorade, and go back to bed for the night.

Man it’s tough being a sick kid sometimes. 😦