Friday Night Dance Parties

My night last night read like a Katy Perry song…]

You know the one where she dances on table tops and takes too many shots.

Yep… that one.

It’s almost 4 p.m. and I just woke up.

I think the time on my cab receipt reads something like  5 a.m.

My head hurts.

My feet are sore.


So after a 5-day long diet of nothing but essentially fruits an veggies, I decided to drink last night.


I had the BEST dance party with both old and new friends.

The lesbian DJ gave me drink tickets.

I lost my cute little pink sweater because I had to take it off because it was SO HOT in the club!

The bartender liked me so much that he only charged me for two drinks.

I then went downtown to this CRAZY Bulgarian bar where everyone was jumping up and down and stomping to what I’m assuming was Bulgarian music.

Then we ventured to the same bar where I met a few sleazy Jersey boys a few weeks ago.

Aaaaaaand I ended the night with a turkey club.


Great night.

Shan Halen