Why I Left — And Why I’m Back (maybe)

Hello World!

I’ve been creatively stunted for probably about two years. A lot has happened in those two years to bring me where I am today. I shifted careers, became financially (somewhat) stable, got married, and found a semblance of peace.

I’m back in therapy, which has been tremendously helpful. I don’t care who the fuck you are — the happiest person on earth who shits out rainbows for breakfast — therapy is the tits.

You know why therapy is the tits?? Because therapy allows you to just speak your truth without fear of judgement, and have an objective voice who often mirrors what you say back to you with just the right amount of difference that you figure out what the hell is wrong with you.

I have a little story for you gals and guys. I’ve often kept this a big secret because I was initially embarrassed, but now, looking back, I’m just fucking angry.

Early November 2012, post Hurricane Sandy, I was looking to grow in the music industry on the business end. I had finished my degree in Music Business Management from the Berklee College of Music, had a successful internship, and was ready for a new adventure.

I was given an incredible opportunity to interview at one of the top agencies in the industry for an up-and-coming hip hop artist’s agent. This hip hop artist in question is now incredibly famous and nominated for several GRAMMYs this year.

I was interviewing for the position of Assistant to the Agent; a late-twenties/early-30s white man, who had escalated quite quickly, and made a name for himself in the Industry.

I dressed in a professional, Calvin Klein, sea-foam green dress, complete with belt buckle, nude pumps, and natural makeup. I pulled back my long hair into a low bun, to seem direct, not flippant, and was ready with a notebook and pen.

After going through the elevator, I gave myself a pep talk, “You got this Shan Babe. You can do anything! You a strong, confident, and have an iron will. Let’s GO!”

Walking up to the receptionist, I said in a soft, but stern voice, “Shannon Allen. Interviewing with…”

The HR rep came to meet me and bring me up to the main office. I clicked up the transparent stairs that made the office look sleek and chić. I was then showed where my potential cubicle was, and where my hopefully future boss’s office was.

I walked in and he was finishing up a call. His voice was booming and he had a powerful, assertive presence.

He seemed distracted, short, and acting like he was too busy for the interview. He spoke very fast and loud, which I figured was just a trait of someone who was wielding so much money and power in music. His newest, most exciting artist, was to become one of the biggest names in hip-hop and social change in music in the upcoming years.

I answered every question with intense calmness, and precision. I would not let his energy shake me.

Then he said something that I will never forget. It all happened so fast, that I can only paraphrase.

He told me that he was uneasy about hiring a woman for this job because I would have to speak to this artist’s inner circle: hustlers, drug dealers, men who could not take a “soft” woman seriously.

I felt a little dizzy; slapped in the face. Had every other answer that I given not been proof that I was clearly qualified for this job. I displayed quick wit, organization, my work ethic was par to none, my references were air tight.

After a few more questions, I spoke to the HR rep, who happened to be a woman. She started talking salary, sick days, culture of the office, etc. Her and I bantered back and forth like old friends. She told me that even though I was applying for a job in their “Urban” division, she liked that I was dressed sharp and polished.

All things considered, it was an excellent interview. I’ve always prided myself on the ability to be my authentic self when interviewing for a job. I did not waiver, I did not falter, and I believed that I was a strong candidate for this job.

Afterward I sent an email to the agent, telling him how much of a pleasure it was to interview with him, and how “extremely confident that I [could] handle not only the day to day work, but also deal with any challenging exchange with the right amount of professionalism, calm and confidence.” 

I kept that email. I referenced it directly.  

I followed up with the HR director and then was unceremoniously sent a one sentence email several weeks later saying the position had been filled, and “thank you for your time.” The agent never responded.

What did I do wrong? Why did it take two weeks for a response for a job that needed to be filled as they said “ASAP?” What. The Fuck?

Then I remembered the one thing that made me incredibly uncomfortable during the interview. The line that gave me the gut feeling that something wasn’t right.

The part where I was told that he didn’t want to hire a woman.


So why do I tell you this story in such detail? Because I think this is a paramount reason I have excluded myself from the music industry, performing arts, and creative industries these last two years:

Hidden Misogyny.

And the problem I have with this whole situation, is it took me so long to realize that situations like this were slowly demoralizing me.

Other instances where this Industry has failed me with these seemingly small, but powerful sexist views

  1. A former superior of mine quit his position. When we went out for his going away party he drunkenly told me that he thought I was an arrogant, loud, bitch who took too much control.
  2. Hearing a respected woman in the industry tell me that maybe “Taylor Swift needed to close her legs for a bit,” in order for tabloids to leave her alone.
  3. Getting cast as an extra “party girl” and having wardrobe throw a fit because I could not fit into a skin tight leather skirt with my thighs. I could just feel their eyes on me as I was stripped into my bra and underwear, trying to squeeze into clothes that were clearly not made for my body type.
  4. Being told that I needed to cry on national television in order to get air time and sympathy views.
  5. Having a fellow musician tell me that no one “wants to hear a chick sing rock.”
  6. Hearing “you’ll be more popular if you just wear less and sing pop music”
  7. A fellow extra on a set telling someone, “Ew look at that girl with the huge disgusting legs,” and then have it repeated back to me. This person later would friend me on Facebook and be fake friendly to me every time we saw each other on various sets.
  8. Every single damn casting director I’ve ever seen telling me “you’re just not right for this,” when really they are just saying “You’re not tall enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, for this part.”

I could go on, but quite frankly, I’m fucking exhausted.

That was exhausting.

I feel like I’m going to have a whole new can of worms to talk to my therapist with this week.

Now, in the wake of the Harvey Weinsteins of the world, and the wage gap, and the Women’s March, and the #MeToo movement, I simply don’t know if I can be a part of this machine.

I don’t even say this because I’m trying to be some kind of martyr. I just don’t feel like I will make it out alive. This industry has eaten up women far stronger than I, so why would I be able to permeate the bullshit and stay true to my art?

Is it possible?

So this is why I’ve been so afraid to write, or play, or sing, or create.

I’m hoping I can move past this; develop an ars gratia artis attitude, but I don’t know.

I don’t know.

Hope you enjoyed me writing, and (nice) opinions or (constructive) criticism is always welcome. (Mean people — go away!)


Shan Babe



She’s BACK!

Hi Friends!

It’s been a hot minute, or two, or three.

Actually it’s been about a year and a half.

So what happened? Where did I go?

First and foremost; I was and still am grateful for anyone who took the time to read what I had to say. Writing a blog is vulnerable and scary. I always tried to be transparent and real with my readers, but at some point it became too much.

Instead, I needed to take a break and internalize my thoughts and feelings.

After much reflection and self-work, I am still the young-ish, biting humor, whip of a gal who has opinions about everything and still wishes to change the world.

What has Changed?

I’m 30. Although I’m only into my first month of turning 30, I can feel shifts in my goals and dreams. My stress levels are down. I have significantly changed my outlook on who I surround myself with, and with whom I allow to gain access to my spirt.

I’m married. Who the FUCK would have thought? More on that in later posts.

I have a better sense of self. This does not mean that I have all the answers, nor does it mean that I’m here to shell out any kind of expertise. If anything, it just means that I’m going to have to start navigating other issues in myself besides being single and self insecurities. Now I have a partner, financial plans, career plans, and 30-something responsibilities to work on.

So what now?

Well I’m pretty sure I need to change my description of this blog; I am no longer a 20-something. (I have mixed feelings about this. Discussions will be had.)

I want 2018 to be about content. 

I want to work on writing a collection of essays; a mix of blog posts, personal journal posts, and new thoughts and feelings.

I want to create more music. Music will always be something I will have the need to create. This will never stop, and I hope that I will continue to produce music that I will be proud of.

I want to create a podcast. There are ideas in the works.

I want to create material for a one-woman show.

This is 30, huh?

Married. Goals. Financial freedom.

Goddam being “old” never felt so good.


Shan Babe

PS: Isn’t my husband hot as fuck!?



Love is a Losing Game

There is something romantically tragic about unrequited love. Amy Winehouse sings it best when she belts, “Love is losing game.”

And yet, I ask myself repeatedly, “why does love feel so shitty!?”

Am I that jaded that I allow someone to treat me less than and pass it off as “well, at least he’s nice!?”

Or do I secretly love the torture? Does it add to my creative mind? Does it fill me up?

For what purpose does my unrequited love serve?

And why, for THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY, do I keep doing this to myself!?

His quiet promises fill my head. Do they know that we’ve never been on a date? Do they know that he never came to me when I was feeling unsafe? Do they know that he never came to me when I was in physical pain? Do they see what I see?

What on the fuck do I have to do to make you respect me?? Love me?? Event like me?!

Maybe nothing.

Maybe I’m the only one who is blind.

Maybe I’m the one who is looking past everything but the fact that he’s kind to others…

Just not..

to me.

Perhaps Love is really a losing hand.

Perhaps I am losing at this thing called life.

Twenty-Eight. Single. Musician.

I am not the ideal candidate for love: Men my age either want them young (21-24) or the men in their early 30s want someone they can mold. It’s not me. It’s not even close to someone I could become.

What are my options?

Embrace my fate? Adopt 100 cats?

Settle for someone who doesn’t love me?




Black Lives Matter

Let me just get this out of the way now:

maxresdefault.jpgIf you choose not to agree with this statement, feel free to read no more.

I know I haven’t blogged in quite some time, but today, I am afraid.

Why am I afraid?

I’m afraid that my country is becoming divided like never before.

I’m afraid that the killings won’t stop.

I’m afraid that my black brothers and sisters who are like family to me will be unjustly treated. In fact, I’ve WATCHED my black brothers and sisters be unjustly treated, and it is gut-wrenching.

I am afraid because a man who I love and care for deeply is black. He is one of the kindest, gentlest humans I’ve ever known and he’s hurting.

I’m afraid because he’s afraid.

I’m afraid because I cannot help him feel less pain.

I’m afraid that I have a nephews who, although not black, are bi-racial.

I’m afraid because I see people I grew up with on Facebook saying, “this is not a problem.”

I’m afraid because I see so many of us losing hope.

I’m afraid because I feel helpless.

If we cannot peacefully protest; what do we do? If our Congress men and women will not listen to our pleas; what do we do? If I am a white, female, who has never been subject to racism; how can I help?

Please, tell me how I can help. I want to help so badly. I cannot watch another video of someone being murdered. I cannot wake up and turn on the news to find that another gun has taken another life. I cannot watch the ones I love be treated unfairly and do nothing. I HAVE to do something. And yet…

I feel helpless.

I feel depleted.

I feel angry.

I am afraid.

Shannon Rose Allen



A Hug

I stress myself out more than the average human.

This much I know.

First comes the fast, incessant talking. Then the teeth grinding. Then the pacing back and forth; my mind going a million miles an hour in circles like a racetrack. At this point, my adrenal glands have gone into overdrive and I start to feel a drunken kind of dizziness. I’m hot all over, cheeks flushed, mouth dry.

My mom used to tell me that I worked myself into a “tizzy” when this would happen to me in adolescence. Her telling me that just made me more anxious, angrier, more stressed.

Then she would hug me and let me take deep breaths into her shoulder until I calmed down.

Once when I was about 10, I was staying over at my grandmother’s house and came down with a terrible flu; the kind that makes your entire body feel like it’s engulfed in flames while simultaneously being hit with 1,000 lead hammers. I was sleeping in the same room as my mom on the bottom part of my grandma’s old trundle bed, and sporadically throughout the night go through bouts of intense pain where my entire body would freeze up.

When I thought the pain would never subside, my mom put her hand gently on my chest until the pain passed.

Another instance when I was 13 and I had my heart broken for the first time. I spent an entire night in her arms, sobbing, shedding the tears of young love and fresh heartache.

Her arms always made me feel safe. Her hands like novocaine, her hugs like a sedative.

Then there was the day when she told me that her doctor had given her 2-4 weeks to live. This time she was in just as much pain, if not more than me. I sat in her arms for 15 minutes? An hour?

It was like her presence could stop time; somehow make this horrendous situation a little easier.

And finally the night before she passed. She was weak, but not broken, laying in bed in between my brother and I.

The room was silent as I pressed my head to her back and wrapped my arms around her, listening to her slow breaths and heavy heartbeat.

If I close my eyes long enough, I can still feel that moment. Her smell. Her skin. The way so many unsaid words hung in the air like an impending thunderstorm; the clouds about to burst with the weight of the world.

After she died, I thought the tears would never stop, the pain would never end. And in many ways it hasn’t, it’s just become different.

It’s days like today where that un-fillable void becomes apparent.

I felt myself spinning out of control, into one of my “tizzies.”

There has always been something about me and control that can set me over the edge.

Obviously, in my 27 and some odd months of my existence, I’ve developed various ways to cope with my stress; some constructive, some destructive.

But there has never been anything quite as effective as taking my mother’s hand, hearing my mother’s voice, being enveloped in her arms. Sometimes I want a hug from her so badly that it feels like my heart has been ripped freshly open; the crack in the dam that has been hermetically sealed time and again, but always seems to break even with all it’s strength.

Today I needed a hug from you.

I needed words from someone whom will never be able to answer me.

I suppose what gets me through days like there is realizing that the pain will always pass, the tears will always dry, the wrongs will always right, the stream leads to the river that leads to the ocean.

The heart wants to beat.

The lungs want to fill.

It will be okay.

Tonight I’ll get by on the memories, and hope that someday I can do the same for someone else as you did for me.

Shannon Rose Allen

The Shallenge Week 10: Rooftop Rendezvous

Hello Shallengers!

I can’t believe it’s been TEN weeks since I started The Shallenge! As always, you can look up the original rules of The Shallenge here, and look up archives of past weeks.  I’m always happy to share any of your personal Shallenges on my page, so PLEASE hit me up with stories!

Here we go with this week:

1. Experience something new.

9/18 Attend a rooftop party with old friends

This week was the week of the rooftop. On Friday, I had a beautiful night with some old friends on the rooftop of a friend’s Hell’s Kitchen building. Although this is not exactly a “new” experience, it allowed me to reconnect with some friends I haven’t seen in a few weeks.

And also, with views like this, I don’t know how anyone could ever hate New York City.


2. Go somewhere in New York City that I haven’t been before. 

9/19 Little Branch Speakeasy

The Villages of NYC always have the best underground bars. Last weekend, I was looking for a quality (most likely overpriced) old fashioned, and Little Branch boasts a fantastic one. So I took a friend, and found out for myself. The space is small; the bar is located in the basement of an unassuming corner of the West Village. There is sometimes a line, but usually not too long. The music is present, but not overwhelmingly loud. I definitely enjoyed my $14 cocktail and some good conversation, but then it was time to

3. Do something alone that I would normally do with others.

9/16 Attend the Heart of Cool, weCliq NYFW launch party

A friend of mine, who I met through the Browns Backers invited me to his launch for his new app, weCliq with the fashion brand Heart of Cool. I had a plus-one to attend the party, but at the last minute I couldn’t find a friend to go with me.

So, I decided to be bold, and go alone.

Not only did I end up meeting some great people, but I also networked with some other creatives. I’m so happy that I decided to throw my ego out the door and go to this party alone.

And this was my view from the rooftop!


4. Say “yes” to something to which I would typically say “no.”

Going on a “date” and letting go

Yes, I know. I’ve talked about dates on here many, MANY times, but I allowed myself to go on a date and really just let myself go and not think.

Perhaps one of the reasons I’m so bad at dating is because I go into every date with a cynical viewpoint. Although my dating intentions are optimistic, when it comes down to it, I allow myself to think, “this isn’t going to work out.” I end up self-destructing before I’ve even gotten to know the person.

I’m happy to report, the date went well, and I’m not overthinking. For once. In my entire life…

5. Do something that scares me.

9/18 Submit my music and have it rejected

Friday I received a generic email from Pandora, telling me that my new song was rejected from their platform. I was given no specific reasoning, and have no clue what I could have done (if anything) to gain acceptance.

Picture this: Shannon Allen as an artist is an air mattress. Every time I get rejected it’s like a little pin prick into the air mattress, causing me to deflate just a little bit, until I can find a way to block the hole, before I lose all my air. I successfully plug the hole, but then a new, bigger pin comes up and makes an even larger hole. Then, an air mattress monster comes up and take a giant bite out of my side. After a while, the mattress becomes so perforated, that I’m continually attempting to plug up holes, filling myself back up, and keep old ones from re-opening. Sure, I can inflate again, but I will never be shiny and new like I used to be.

That’s what creative rejection is like.

6. Make a new friend. 

9/16 Fashion Week Party

At the fashion week launch, I met a lot of awesome people. I even met up with a new girl friend the other night who I met at the party! This city is too big and too beautiful not to expand my network of friends.

Keep spreading that love around!

7. Have a book of the Week

One Last Thing Before I Go – Jonathan Tropper

Tropper is the same author of the novel, This is Where I Leave You, which was made into a movie. His writing is cynical, yet lyrical. The fiction I’ve been reading lately tends to display fallible, almost anti-heroes, that you can’t help but sympathize. Although most of the characters in this book have questionable morals and lives that are well beyond repair, the novel is a view into the ways we justify our existence, especially when faced with our eventual mortality.

I loved it! Quick read, excellent storytelling, tragic, cynical, witty, sometimes mundane, and REAL.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

I cannot even count the amount of times I’ve read this book, but it’s definitely over the 15 mark at this point in my life. I read the Harry Potter series at least once every year, sometimes twice…

And y’all KNOW how much I read.

The series never gets old to me. Every time I re-read these books, I’m reminded of why I love Harry and his world so very much.

8. Purge the unnecessary.

No purging today, but it’s slowly shifting into sweater weather, which means another re-vamp of the closet is coming soon!

9. Do something that makes me feel beautiful. 

Night time runs

This week I went on not one, not two, but three four-mile evening runs. Two of the runs were after 12-hour work days. Running at 9:30/10 p.m. is so freeing. The amount of runners, walkers, and bikers are sparse, so I am just left with my own thoughts and no distractions.

One of the nights, I had this pretty amazing view of the moon.


10. Surround myself with nature. 

9/21 Appreciate the New York sunrise

As I was walking to work Monday morning, this was my view. Not too shabby.


9/21 A night on the Chelsea Piers

That same day, I spend a lovely evening drinking wine, and eating a picnic of sorts on the Chelsea piers. The weather was perfect, and I enjoyed some good company.

Weekly Shallenge Score: 8.5/10

Shan Baby Score: 9/10

And here’s the Shan Baby Happy Face of the Week (ie my nephew this week while we were Face Timing because he’s SO FREAKING CUTE!)

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 6.39.54 PM

The Shallenge Week 9: FALL IS HERE!

Good morning my fearless Shallengers!

This was a busy week! I had a lot of work and auditions filling up my days (which is always a good thing,) but it left little time for me to squeeze in my Shallenges.

Although it doesn’t feel like I did a lot, there were some really amazing moments this past week. Here’s how I faired:

1. Experience something new.

9/13 Go to a Browns game NOT at Browns Stadium

Week One of the NFL regular season started this week! YAY FOOTBALL!

Several weeks ago, me and my fellow Cleveland-to-NYC transplants, bought tickets for the Browns/Jets game. Forecast said rain, but the day turned out to be beautiful, and it only started raining once the game was over.

I must say, it was heartbreaking to see my Brownies lose a game they were favored to win, but I had the best time making the voyage to MetLife stadium for the first time, tailgating, and then getting to see a live NFL game (which I haven’t done since about 2012).


2. Go somewhere in New York City that I haven’t been before. 

9/13 MetLife Stadium

Heading to New Jersey on a Sunday morning at 9 am is not exactly the most exciting thing to do on your Sunday morning, but by the time I got there, I was so happy to be surrounded by fellow Clevelanders that it made the smelly bus ride from the disaster that is New York City Port Authority totally worth it!

This was the view from my seats. I would say it was worth it! 🙂


3. Do something alone that I would normally do with others.

This week I was surrounded by friends pretty consistently. My partner in crime, Jennifer, was by my side for a lot of it.

Nothing this week sticks out that I did particularly alone that I would normally do with others.

4. Say “yes” to something to which I would typically say “no.”

9/14 Saying yes to a drinks date

I told myself that I would no longer allow myself to go on dates with men who wanted to get “drinks.” My generation has become so lackadaisical and unoriginal when it comes to dating, that I haven’t been asked on a real date in some time.

But the other night, I was asked out to drinks with a seemingly nice guy.

The date was a disaster. The guy begged me to meet up with him after I had worked a 14 hour day and then went on a four-mile run. And yet I obliged, packed my set bag for the following early morning call time, showered, and showed up in a cute, funky outfit to my local watering hole.

The entire date consisted of him cutting me off mid-sentence, talking about himself non-stop, and never asking me any questions about my life. Then, as I was about to order a second drink, hoping that he was just nervous, he takes out his phone and says, “I’m going to meet my friends at the Standard Hotel, so I gotta run.”

REALLY!? After you begged me to meet you, knowing I had just had a long day, you’re going to walk out on me!?

I’m not going to lie, it was a little blow to my self esteem. Hence why I gave myself the rule of no longer agreeing to “drinks.”

The next night I was supposed to go on a real date with another guy, who had set up drinks and a movie with me. (We both bonded earlier in the week for our love of horror flicks, and were planning on seeing The Visit). And right as I thought I was going to be wrapped from set, so that I could go on my real date, the PA picks me and four others to stay and extra two hours on set, and I had to cancel.

Just my luck.

5. Do something that scares me.

9/12 Music Video Release Party


On Saturday, I invited all my best New Yorkers to a music video release and live performance. I’m always nervous whenever I have an event, because I really never know who will actually show up versus who says they will show up.

I was floored when I ended up packing the basement of the bar! Not only did my friends show up in droves, but most of them brought friends! I felt so loved and appreciated as an artist like I never have before.

After the music video premiered, as well as after my live performance, I had many people who were not associated with me or my friends tell me how impressed they were with the video and my performance.


It was one of those nights where I looked around and thought, “Is this really my life!?” I’m constantly getting rejected in my industry, that sometimes it catches me by surprise when I remember that I am actually talented, and people really do love and appreciate my artistry.

You can see a video of the live performance by hitting up my Facebook Page. (You can also give me a “like” while you’re there!)

And in case you missed it, here’s the video!

6. Make a new friend. 

9/12 Music Video Release Party

As I said above, I was floored that so many people showed up. I got to meet so many new people, and connect with other creatives as well. I even got asked to collaborate at a SOHO art show. That night reminded me of why I love New York City.

9/13 Browns Tailgating

Oh Cleveland. No matter how many years it’s been since I’ve left my hometown, I will always carry Cleveland around in my heart. The best thing about being from Northeastern Ohio, is that whenever you meet someone else from Northeastern Ohio, you immediately become best friends.

At the tailgate I met two twins who were delightful! I told them to go to Twins Days! 🙂


All of the Browns Backers also took a picture before heading to the stadium. I love these crazy kids. I’m so happy to be a part of this fanbase.


7. Have a book of the Week

Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder

I know that this was my book of the week last week, but I finally finished it. What I didn’t realize when I was at the midway point last week, is that the book would take an extremely meta turn, and blow my mind apart. Talk about spinning my brain around in circles!

If you want to question your entire existence, and perhaps throw in a little bit of existential dread into your life, I suggest reading about 20 different philosophers in the span of one book. It will fuck you up.

8. Purge the unnecessary.

YouTube Trolls

I’m convinced that Dante left the ring of hell in his Divine Comedy reserved for people who post negative comments on YouTube. What in the world would possess a human being to post something mean on someone’s video when you know nothing about them?? It is just beyond me.

I don’t want to get on my soap box about how we are all becoming so bold and mean behind the screens of our computers, iPads, and phones, but it is seriously fucked up how callous people can be in regards to others’ feelings when on the internet.

One particular YouTuber recently posted mean things on my video, and I responded back with a kind message, asking that he please consider being nicer to people before commenting on anyone’s page. He responded like only a troll would… with more negativity.

So I not only deleted his message, but I blocked him from my page, and flagged his page 10 times for various offenses.

Don’t fuck with me. I may not fight you with more unnecessary unkindness, but that doesn’t mean I won’t get your ass kicked off the internet.


9. Do something that makes me feel beautiful. 

Getting back into running

I know that a few weeks ago I was on my 10k training. Well, that got derailed when it got so damn hot that I couldn’t even run in the evening because the weather was so intense. I threw myself into cycling and cross training for the past few weeks in lieu of running.

I’m happy to report that this week it has been so beautiful out, that the other day (after not running outside for about two weeks,) I was able to complete 4 miles like it was nothing!

The next day my legs were sore and I know that I worked out some leg muscles that definitely needed to be flexed.

10. Surround myself with nature. 

9/9 Spend a day off laying around in a park

Jen and I ventured to the West Side Highway park to lay out, do backbends, and handstands.

It was a good day. 🙂


Shallenges Completed: 9/10

Shan Baby Score: 8/10 

I only knocked myself down a point because going to the Browns game accounted for a few of the Shallenges. Overall, it was a successful week!

And here’s my Shan Baby Happy Face of the Week: 



Shannon Rose