Hi Friends!

It’s been a hot minute, or two, or three.

Actually it’s been about a year and a half.

So what happened? Where did I go?

First and foremost; I was and still am grateful for anyone who took the time to read what I had to say. Writing a blog is vulnerable and scary. I always tried to be transparent and real with my readers, but at some point it became too much.

Instead, I needed to take a break and internalize my thoughts and feelings.

After much reflection and self-work, I am still the young-ish, biting humor, whip of a gal who has opinions about everything and still wishes to change the world.

What has Changed?

I’m 30. Although I’m only into my first month of turning 30, I can feel shifts in my goals and dreams. My stress levels are down. I have significantly changed my outlook on who I surround myself with, and with whom I allow to gain access to my spirt.

I’m married. Who the FUCK would have thought? More on that in later posts.

I have a better sense of self. This does not mean that I have all the answers, nor does it mean that I’m here to shell out any kind of expertise. If anything, it just means that I’m going to have to start navigating other issues in myself besides being single and self insecurities. Now I have a partner, financial plans, career plans, and 30-something responsibilities to work on.

So what now?

Well I’m pretty sure I need to change my description of this blog; I am no longer a 20-something. (I have mixed feelings about this. Discussions will be had.)

I want 2018 to be about content. 

I want to work on writing a collection of essays; a mix of blog posts, personal journal posts, and new thoughts and feelings.

I want to create more music. Music will always be something I will have the need to create. This will never stop, and I hope that I will continue to produce music that I will be proud of.

I want to create a podcast. There are ideas in the works.

I want to create material for a one-woman show.

This is 30, huh?

Married. Goals. Financial freedom.

Goddam being “old” never felt so good.


Shan Babe

PS: Isn’t my husband hot as fuck!?



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