Shannon Allen: Love, Lust and Libations

OK. I’ve been a little scared to officially write about this, but after having an incredibly creative few weeks, I’m ready. 

I’m writing a one-woman show. 

Well… I should clarify: between my original music, blogs, journals, and just experiencing life in New York City, the show has basically written itself. 

Today I sat down and made a rough outline of the show, and I honestly surprised myself with the amount of material I had at my fingertips. The outline, as it stands right now, actually might be TOO much material for one show. And that’s never a bad thing. 

I’ve already found my musical director, the INCREDIBLY talented Freddie Atlas (Frederic Casimir) and we are going to have a meeting this weekend about regarding the show. 

The tentative title of the show will be Shannon Allen: Love, Lust and Libations. It will follow my story of the past five years starting out in Boston, fall 2009 and ending present day. It will be a story with love, drama, struggle, and of course, much laughter. My goal is to perform the show sometime, probably in late September, and use the proceeds to my breast cancer walk in October. 

If you want to see my musical story of the last five years, you can watch this video below that I compiled a few days ago. 

Now, having told you my grandiose plans, here’s where I need your help. 

1. I need to figure out if there is actually any interest in this??? Would people be willing to pay a $10-$20 dollar cover for this (also keeping in mind where the proceeds go)? Does anyone actually care? If there is no demand for this show, I figure the point is probably moot, but since I received such amazing feedback from my cabaret performances, I figured why not do an entire show! 

2. I need a venue. I’m looking for somewhere in New York (preferably Manhattan, but I’m flexible) that has a stage (or makeshift stage), seating, some sort of lights (doesn’t have to be a crazy lighting rig) and a piano. I know there are so many performance spaces to rent in this city, ESPECIALLY in Midtown, in my hood, but I need recommendations from people. I’m looking to spend money if I must, but I don’t have a lot of it. I would also prefer a place that is BYOB, as I know a lot of these black-box-esque spaces are. 

3. I need a few of “producers.” For me, the term producers more or less just means going to a rehearsal with my musical director and I, and giving feedback that will make the show better. 

4. I need some performers. Most of the show is exactly what I stated… one woman. However, there is a number where I will need some gay men (for an original song called All my Friends Are Gay). 

5. Good vibes, and people to spread the word. If the first show goes well and I raise a lot of money for my cause, I will consider doing another show later in the year, or other performances like this. 

I want to especially thank my friend Chadd for really inspiring me to do research on this kind of show, and also for all the wonderful support I received from Cranky Cabaret, where I got my original epiphany to write this show!!! 

I love you all and please give me your feedback, positive OR negative. 


Shan Babe

Also, if you want to catch my Cranky Cabaret performances, start with this one and the other ones are on my youtube page. 🙂 


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