The Evolution of Shannon Allen 2009-2014

It’s been about five years since I put together my first band in Boston in the fall of 2009.

Five years that I’ve been cultivating my skills and really focusing on a life of performance.

There have been so many ups and downs, twist and turns, hills and valleys.

I could sit here an write out a narrative about these past five years; the band members, the makeups, the breakups, the rehearsals, the songwriting sessions, the gigs, the friendships, the bonds we formed like family. But I feel as though this story is better heard rather than read.

So here it is, my story. The Evolution of Shannon Allen. The best of the endless footage I have of live gigs and performances.

A few notes before you watch this:

1. The Mojo Filters were my main band throughout the first half of this video. The players fluctuated slightly a few times, but mostly they were the boys who became like family in Boston. We broke up in 2011 for personal reasons, and also because I was moving to New York, but I will always look back fondly on my times with my Mojo boys.

2. You’ll notice as the video progresses that I start showing more original music, because that’s what I eventually started focusing on. Sadly, I don’t have the footage from my album release show, or my last few gigs in Boston.

3. Having said that, there were SO many performance that were left out of this video, not only for time, but because I didn’t record the gig, or the footage is in someone else’s possession, and I don’t have access to it. (2013, for example, only has a few videos because I only recorded one gig on my digital camera and I have no footage of my off-broadway show that consumed my weekends and performance time)

4. My look fluctuates, as does my weight throughout the years. A lot happened to me in five years. Go ahead and judge me. No one is perfect. The one thing that is constant in these videos is my strong ability to lead a band and rock vocals.

5. I’m considering making another video that has “home videos” of me writing songs, singing, performing and being silly. I wanted to put them in this video, but it would have just been TOO long.


Rock and Roll


Shan Babe


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