To Love

It’s easy to be alone…

To be a single entity/A human being who eats, sleeps and functions on one’s own.

It’s easy to be free…

To not answer to anyone or anything/Live solely by one’s own rules, one’s own code.

It’s easy to turn off…

To distance oneself from everyone and everything/Not be a part of this thing we call “life.”

It’s easy to be sad…

To wallow in one’s self-doubt, and self-pity/Let the pain overwhelm the soul and regurgitate more negative energy into the world.

It’s easy.

It’s easy.



It’s more difficult to love…

To open up/To be one who exposes their soul to the world, without care or consequence.

It’s more difficult to care…

To want to know another one/To make two separate souls function as one.

It’s more difficult to expose…

To let another one see who you are/The guts, the sinew, the ugly

The true.

It’s more difficult to accept

To love who yourself wholly/No doubts about the truth of oneself

It’s more difficult to love.

But if we aren’t here to love,

Then why are we here at all?

Why are we here at all?

To love.

-Shannon Allen


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