A Few Drunk Thoughts Part 2

I’ve never been a Belieber, but DAMMIT do I like One Direction.

Oh boy, I shouldn’t have admitted that…

It’s fucking cold outside.

My heater is broken in my apartment, and I have no money to fix it.

Good thing I have lots of sweatshirts.

Damn One Direction is really catchy…

(Looks at phone) Why do these boys bother texting me acting like they’re interested? Are they THAT dumb that they think I don’t know what they’re after????

Fuck man! Why can’t I just find a nice guy who wants to get to know me????

(Because, Shan Babe, they don’t exist.)

Thanks for reminding me, Shan Babe. šŸ™‚

It’s just hilarious to me when men think that I DON’T understand the blatant game they are playing.

Yes men, we have brains too… Glad you are in touch with the times… Perhaps you’ve been watching too much Mad Men.

Get over yourselves…

And for the record: your penis isn’t that great.

In other news…

I’m about to go home for my birthday and Christmas.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Or it used to be.

Can we just bypass the Holidays this year???

Oh man, I just saw a homeless man on the subway and it made me feel so thankful that I have a family to go home to.

Scratch that. Thank goodness I have a family to celebrate with.

And a family who, (even though they don’t always understand what I do,) still supports me.

What would Ro think of me now?

Hopefully she would be proud.

Thinking about what she would say to me makes me more optimistic than going home and having to answer the question, “So why don’t you have a boyfriend???”

Can I smack the next person who asks me that ???

For real, just leave a big handprint on their face???

Is my worth determined by who I’m fucking?

I mean… “Dating??”

Are those the same thing???


Absolutely no.

New York had certainly taught me that.

If New York has taught me anything, it’s that love is not something easily attained.

It has yet to be determined whether a New York man is cut out to date me.

But until then, there’s plenty of sappy love songs to listen to….

Back to my One Direction…

Don’t judge me….

Shan Babe


2 thoughts on “A Few Drunk Thoughts Part 2

  1. Girl, girl, girl. You just focus on being the fabulous you you are and making that shit happen, go to Babeland and get a good toy, and then detail what you want in a man. Don’t waste your time with the ones who’re wasting yours. Lecture over

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