Don’t Mess with Texas!

So as some of you have seen on my Facebook and Twitter, I’ve spent the last several days in Texas.

My brother and sister-in-law live in Houston, so we decided to do a very-Texas Thanksgiving.

Let me just say this: If I were ever to move to Texas, I would EASILY gain 100 pounds. There is just TOO much food in this state. And GOOD food. It’s insane. I mean, I live in New York City, near restaurant row, but Texas food is just AMAZING.

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE to eat. Texas food is my kryptonite.

So with that said, I’ll talk about how much delicious food I ate on Thanksgiving.

There was Turkey, two kinds of stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, brussell sprouts, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, two different pies, rolls, bread, and SO much wine and Holiday beer.

I was UNCOMFORTABLE when I finished.

Of course I’m sure all of you experienced a similar feeling after your Thanksgiving dinners.

So now I’ll take the time to do the obligatory “Things I’m Thankful For” portion of my blog.

My Family: It has been SO REFRESHING to get away from the New York grind and spend time with the people who have to love me unconditionally, no matter how many bad life choices I may make! It’s nice to spend time with the people who really know me the best, and not have to worry about appearances. I can just “be.” The week before Thanksgiving was certainly not my best, but it didn’t matter once I came to Texas. I could let go. Now I’m getting ready to go back and get the gears moving again.

Ashley: I don’t think there’s a single day that we don’t text each other. I could go on and on about our friendship, but I imagine if we ever got into a “pickle” together… this is how it would end…

Christina: Oh LORD it was good to see her this week. We must have gone to at least 12 bars in Austin, and didn’t pay for more than maybe 4 drinks total. NO ONE can bar hop like Shan and Christina. Even though it’s almost been a year since we’ve physically seen each other, it was almost like we never spent any time apart. Christina is always reminding me that I need to layback and enjoy life. This was us yesterday listening to blues music and drinking on picnic tables in Austin.


My “Spirit Guide:” I’ve been a recurring background actor on a show where I met this lovely lady. Seriously, if two people were meant to find each other, we definitely were. She’s the definition of an “old soul” and I feel like we immediately made a connection. She brings me back down to earth, and I’m definitely grateful that I met her.

My Gaggle of Queens: They keep me fierce. They remind me that I’m beautiful, when I can’t see it myself.

My Career: Tuesday I’m going to the SAG-AFTRA office to make it official. I’ve gone back and forth about joining the union, and I think it’s the right time. Here we go! On to another step up in my career.

My Music: Now, some of you know this, some of you don’t, but the album is not happening as originally planned. Not to say it’s not happening, but it’s not happening in January anymore.  I’m completely re-configuring my band and this is going to take some time. But when the bomb was dropped that the project was halted, I had to remind myself that I have written ALL my own material, (two albums worth) and I, alone have full copyright ownership to everything. I have the power to lead a band, and I have the musical knowledge to arrange my music EXACTLY the way I want. No recording derailment can take any of that away from me. I’m still a singer. I’m still a songwriter. I’m still a musician.

Now that I’m done with that… can I please tell you about my love obsession with Austin, Texas.


If I didn’t have so much going for me in New York at the moment, I would pack my shit and become a hippie musician in Austin.

I love that city.

I can’t believe I’ve never discovered it prior to now. Everyone has ALWAYS told me how much they love it, but I had to experience first hand.

Everything they say about Austin being “weird” is absolutely true. And we ALL know my obsession with weird and strange and unique things. (Side Note: as I type I am simultaneously looking up “quirky” New York restaurants to celebrate my birthday)

The graffiti, or street art in this city is INSANE. For example, this piece that was right next to our charming hotel


I could totally get down in this city. However, I’m such a New York City girl, I don’t know if I could ever leave.

Perhaps when I’m rich and famous I’ll own property out there. 🙂

Also, one of my favorite things about Austin, and Texas in general, is there is no shortage of curvy women. I’m not using curvy as a polite way to describe overweight people, I’m talking about girls that have some BO-DY.

Not to hate on skinny women, because LORD knows I love me a fierce, skinny bitch, but I began to feel in New York like I was the only one with my body type, ESPECIALLY in the acting world.

So last night… I was amongst my people. It was fantastic… in all their “drastic-hip-to-waist-ratio” glory!

And tomorrow I will go back to the land of tall, beautiful women, and I will remember that there is a magical place called Austin, Texas, where someday I may once again be united with my people.

It has been a wonderful trip. Time to get back to the grind! 🙂


Shan Baby


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