A Few Drunk Thoughts


More than a few.

1. I worked 16 hours today… in five-inch heels. When I got to hour 12, I almost started crying.

No joke.

2. I got 3.5 hours of sleep last night. It’s almost been 24 hours since I’ve been asleep.

3. I watched the Cleveland Indians lose tonight and it hurt my heart.

I love Cleveland.



Why? I can’t take this sports buzz kill anymore.

4. I saw a lot of couples kissing on the subway tonight.


Stop it. Stop being cute. Stop loving each other.

I hate you, cute couples.

Watch. Your. Back.

Cause I might punch you in the face.

5. I miss watching baseball with the person I loved.

Baseball was something Jon and I always did together, and I miss that.

6. On a happier note, I got hit on by a Cleveland fan.

However, he didn’t seem too interested… at least not interested enough to continue a conversation after we lost, which I’ll admit… we were all pretty defeated.

7. I drank a pitcher of Bud Light tonight by myself.

No shame.

8. I then took the train back to my place and ordered a whiskey drink at the bar below my apartment because I wanted to end the night on a good note.

Not so much.

Nothing happened.

The live band was pretty decent though.

9. I met a really nice guy on set today who kept talking to me about Cleveland sports and seemed really interested in me…

Then he “nonchalantly” mentioned that he lived with his girlfriend.

Fuck off.

10. I don’t really like Britney Spears’ new song. I think it’s just a lazy hook repeated over and over.

And the video is not that great.

(Don’t kill me, gay men!!! I still love me some GAGA!)

11. I just want to be loved.

For real.

No fake, Hollywood, love.

Just something real.


Shan Babe


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