Smile, Shan Baby

I recently bought a journal.

This particular journal asks one question each day and has space for five years’ worth of questions.

Today’s question was, “What are you chasing currently?”

My answer was something along the lines of my career in singing/acting/performing/etc.

And then I thought about what it was going to be like next year when I answer that same question.

I ALSO thought about what I would have said a year ago if the same question were asked.

A LOT has happened in a year.



And it makes me excited to think about what the next year holds for me.

I’ve realized that I’m the one who has made myself who I am right now.


Of course, I’ve had help from family and friends, but I’m largely the reason that I’ve been fortunate in my industry thus far.

That’s a good feeling.

That’s a DAMN good feeling.

Smile, Shan Baby. You’re getting everything you’ve ever wanted.






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