My So-Called Career

In these past few weeks that I’ve left you hanging without a post, A LOT has happened.

I think I may have given you a little scare with my past posts.

Those emotions I felt when I talked about my uncertainty in the performance world and the hurt I felt about being rejected one too many times by casting directors, was ABSOLUTELY truthful.

However,I’m happy to report that my life has made a 180 degree turn.

First we’ll start with my music.

I’ve been talking about recording my second album FOREVER, and now I can finally say that plans are in the works.

I have a very close friend who is going to work to get me a good studio lockout rate, and now I just need to carefully assemble my musicians and set a date!

I’ve also booked two gigs in October, one with my VERY close friend, Fred Casmir or Freddie Atlas and the other with non other than Mr. Ed Ricco, who has been there since the start of my career!

Here is a link to the Freddie Atlas Facebook Page:

And here is a link to Ed Ricco’s newest Soundcloud post, I Heard It Through The Grapevine: 

So new album in the works, gigs in October, and ALSO new headshots in the works with the same guy helping produce my album.

I HAVE REALLY GREAT FRIENDS! Not only are they incredibly supportive and ALWAYS there for me, but they are WILDLY talented and multifaceted in their artistry.

I am a lucky girl.

Next up: my move.

So I was in CRISIS LOCKDOWN mode circa my last post. I had NO idea where my career was going, I had no roommate, and I definitely had no leads on a new apartment.

In steps my lovely new roommate, who I met in my UCB improv 201 class. We started looking for apartments together and quickly realized that we clicked not only as friends, but also as compatible roommates.

We found a BOMB place RIGHT in the center of Hell’s Kitchen, or as I like to call it: HELL’S BITCHIN’ KITCHEN! I am next to everything I need, including some bitchin’ bars and restaurants.

I feel completely at home and have a view of Time Square.

Hello! This is my life!? Is this real?! When did I become a real person???

And now to the part of my career that’s getting REALLY exciting.


Yes. Acting.

Some of you might be saying to yourselves, “But Shan… you’re a singer.”

Yes, I am. But guess what??? Acting has been paying the bills lately.

Yes. You heard me correct. ACTING has been PAYING the bills.

I’ve started getting into background acting heavily, and I’ve been in television shows, movies, and now I’m even doing some music video work which is really exciting.

I also have one SAG waiver under my belt, so once I get two more of those bad boys I can join the union which means more opportunity and MORE MONEY! YAY!

I’ve met so many wonderful people on set and every time I meet another creative who is struggling to make it happen, I just think about how I CAN’T STOP.

I felt so hopeless for a while in New York and questioned whether or not I could really cut it in the city. I remember a conversation with my dad where I couldn’t even speak because I was so choked up. I thought maybe this was just a “learning year” or a “free-spirit” period where I got the taste of New York, and then went back to a life that wasn’t so glamorous and definitely wasn’t as tough.

But guess what? Turns out I CAN cut it.

It just took me a minute to find my pimp walk.

After my breakdown, I went to Florida, walked 60 miles for breast cancer, had a heart to heart with my mentor and surrogate mother momma, Jackie, and got rejected by a high-profile television show.

And ALL of these things gave me perspective.

Then things started to HAPPEN.

I hustled harder than I ever had before.

And BELIEVE me… I’ve been HUSTLING since I’ve moved here… but I needed to push myself HARDER to make it happen for myself.

And I can confidently say that EVERYTHING I have in New York is because I worked my FUCKING ASS off to get where I am.

However, with that said, I need to thank some people.

My Dad. I can’t even begin to thank him enough. My dad is the most supportive person I have in my life. After Ro passed, he really took on a big role. I am my mother’s daughter: tough, stubborn, emotional, and fiery. It’s not easy to deal with that kind of personality, and my dad does it.

My brother and sister-in-law. They always give me calm, collected advice. They aren’t easy on me, which I like. I can always count on them being level-headed and smart about how they help me when I need things hashed out.

Ashley and Ryan. My trip to Florida put the LIFE back into me and made me realize that if I ever did hit rock bottom, like I almost did, that I would have a place to seek refuge. Both physically and emotionally.

Jackie. She keeps my fire going. Plain and simple. I’m afraid to quit because I know she’ll just kick my ass!

Fred. Lord that boy SAVED me from a sticky situation last week. He is always bubbly, fierce and there when I need a shoulder.

RJ. Keeping it real since 1992.

Larry and Barb. Who wants to help a friend move??? Honestly. These two helped me move into a FOURTH FLOOR WALK-UP! That’s no easy task. We are bad bitches! 🙂

And everyone else who has supported me with a phone call, Facebook post, a night on the town, a DONATION TO MY WALK (can’t thank people enough), a shoulder to cry on, a creative to toss around new ideas, or a prick to motivate me to do more (yes, I’m thanking even you)…


Shan Baby: Welcome to your So-Called Career.



Also… this is the best song right now.


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