Where the Wind Blows Me

I’m writing this blog on a bus… So my apologies for any grammatical errors.

Plus the bus driver is BLASTING the fucking heat, is driving what feels like 25, I’m sitting next to a really tall guy with wide shoulders and the guy in front of me has FULLY reclined his seat.

Needless to say, I need a distraction. Thus… Blogging on a bus.

The past few weeks have been NUTS!

Everything first got crazy when I was an extra on Love and Hip Hop.

Yes… I was a background actress on the crazy VH1 reality show about women married to rappers… And it was AWESOME.

I got an email from this listserv I belong to about needing extras. Without even seeing what it was for, I said yes.

Which brings me to the theme of this blog: I am a “yes” woman.

I tend to find that when I get asked to do something that might be a little out of my comfort zone, cut down my hours of sleep, or keep me from doing something productive like cleaning my apartment, I tend to say yes.

And it usually pays off. In a BIG way.

Hey… YOLO, right?

Wow I just sounded line a douche.

Anyway… I digress.

So my friend Jaimee and I show up to The Griffin in the Meatpacking District on a Monday night for taping. We were easily the only two white girls there, which brought a few head turns… But we didn’t waste any time making friends. Plus… We ALL know I have a ghetto booty.

This is no secret.

I had THE BEST time talking to these guys and girls who grew up with these women who eventually married these hip hop stars. We shared drinks, danced and got to be in the background of most of the shots.

After taping was done, Jaimee and I were still dressed up and didn’t want to waste our cute dresses and makeup faces on simply ONE party.

So we ventured across the street to The Gansevoort. (Of course after stopping by the diner to refuel)

Side note: this is not the Gansevoort Park where the Kardashians lived, but it’s owned by the same people and is just as nice.

Long story short, we end up making friends with the bouncer, bartender and DJ. We didn’t pay for a single drink ALL night and then got to stay after the club closed and swim in the rooftop pool.

Yes… I went swimming in a rooftop pool at 2 am at a swanky hotel in New York City.

Please be jealous.

Oh, and the night didn’t end there…

We went to ANOTHER bar in god knows what neighborhood, where I proceeded to meet a REALLY cute drummer.

What is it with me and drummers? You would think I would have learned something?


So this whole experience was just a really crazy example of how simply saying “yes” to a last minute casting, lead to easily one of my best nights I’ve had since I’ve lived here.

So then flash forward to last week when I got to be an extra in Chris Rock’s new movie called “Finally Famous.”

I belong to a background casting agency that hires extras for movies and tv. I got a call from a producer asking me if I was free last Wednesday, and I immediately said yes. She said the movie was called “Hammy the Bear” (which I later found out was the name of the production company since the film was called the “Untitled Chris Rock Movie” when I filled out the paperwork for it).

My first thought was, “Hammy the Bear? What the fuck is this? But hey, I’m getting paid, why not. AND it’s. resume builder.”

The night before filming I called into the hotline to get my wardrobe and location specifications and it turns out filming would happen in the same building that I work in.

Imagine that.

I show up on set and see all these posters with Chris Rock’s face where he is labeled “Andre Allen” (his character in the movie) and I FREAKED out! I’m a HUGE SNL girl, so I’ve always loved Chris Rock. And don’t even get me started on his standup… Comedy GOLD.

We filmed for 14 hours and I was in about three different scenes. Some scenes I got to walk right past the shot, so there’s a likelihood that when the movie comes out, you will see my smiling face! 🙂

It was HOT AS HELL the day we were filming though, so don’t be surprised if I look like a sweaty mess.

Chris was also incredibly chipper and smiley the entire day, despite the horrendous heat and long hours. I didn’t get to meet him personally, but he seemed really cool.

I would enjoy buying him a drink, if the opportunity ever rose anytime in the future 🙂

After filming, I left for Disney World the next day for a visit with my best friend, Ashley.

Oh MAN was it nice to get out of the city for five days!

We went to parks, had heart to hearts (in typical Shan/Ash fashion), drank A LOT, ate A LOT (I excused myself from the paleo for vaca) and just had SO MUCH FUN!

It’s really nice to be around good friends… Especially when your career is kind of crazy and you don’t have a lot of money (AKA: Shan).


Can I just say, EPCOT is my JAM! I could not have been happier just walking around all the different “countries” and enjoying the cultures. There was a REALLY hot British man at the pub Ash and I stopped by and I was thinking to myself, “If working at Disney would mean working with hot British men… I could DEFINITELY do this.”

With that said, I’m still keeping my options open. It’s really a matter of what is going to move my career forward in the imminent future.

I was incredibly sad to leave, and especially sad to leave Ashley and Ryan.

(Side note: I TOTALLY binge watched Orange is the New Black when I was staying with them and that shit is AWESOME! I’m going to read the book as soon as I can get my hands on it.)

I got back to New York after a delayed flight and immediately jumped back into “normal life” (at least for me).

I don’t know how I thought I could do such a quick turnaround for the 3-day, but I had my improv class last night from 7 to 10 and then was planning on packing that night.


As soon as I walked out of the building after improv, there was the entire class waiting on me to come get a drink with them.

Well you don’t have to twist my arm too hard to get me to drink…

On yet another side note: I KILLED it last night in this exercise called “two friend on a park bench” where essentially you banter back and forth with your partner about everyday life.

My partner was a young married guy who is incredibly nice and funny. I starred off by saying how lucky he was because he didn’t have to date in his 20s in NYC. His response was that “the world is my oyster.” To which I responded, “Yeah, if all the oysters are creepy, slimy douchebags.”

Cue my class dying with laughter.

He then proceeds to tell the class about how he met his wife on Halloween at college when he was 19. He made some drunken comment about her “fine ass” or something of that sort and then they started making out.

Flash forward to today… They’re married.

That is freaking awesome, and I’m not even being facetious.

After our bit, one of my classmates said that we deserved our own podcast.

I’ve never really thought about it… But sometimes I feel like this blog could turn into a podcast.

Thoughts readers??

Anyway… Before this blog turns a mile long…

So I had a few drinks with my improv class and I absolute ADORE them!

Needless to say, I didn’t pack.

So here I am… Sitting on what should have been a four-hour bus ride to Boston, writing this blog, and getting ready to walk 60 miles over the next 3 days.

I suppose being a “yes woman” got me into this mess as well.

I am happy to report that I have raised almost 4k with the help of all of YOU! And am still planning on a few more donations tricking in, in the next few days.

Wow… That was a LONG blog.

Hope you liked it.

And next time you have the urge to say “no” to something… Remember that you might end up swimming on a rooftop pool in July in a five star hotel.

Just saying…


Shan Baby


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