How I Came to be “Shan Babe”

Did you guys ever watch Pete and Pete growing up???

It was a family favorite in my household. Ro always said it was her favorite show because the mom had a metal plate in her head that would pick up radio stations. (Aside: My mom had a metal clip in her head… and she was also crazy like the Petes’ mom.)

So back when my brother and I were in high school, we decided to Google the theme song of Pete and Pete because it was so deliciously 90s. (I’m secretly hoping that 90s-esque alternative rock will come back one day… but that’s another blog entirely.)

So anyway… when Griff and I were Googling this song, he said to me, “It sounds like they’re saying ‘Shan Babe'”

And so it was.

And shall be forever more.


Shan Babe

PS: Listen to my new song šŸ™‚


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