What New York City has taught me about Life

Tuesday, June 4th 2013 marked the one year mark of when I moved to my favorite place on planet earth, New York City.

Oh boy has it been a wild ride…

So I’ve been compiling a mental list of what New York has taught me in these past 369 days (June 4th + four days… I’m so FAHHHKIN SMAAAAHHHHHT) and here’s what I’ve come up with.

1. Life is tough. Get a helmet. And watch out for the yellow ones… they don’t stop…

2. Life never slows down. And watch out for the yellow ones, they are fast AND don’t stop… Ever.

3. Life is full of disappointments, but the bar is usually open till 4 am, so that makes the disappointments easier…

4. Sleep is important, but life will not slow down so you can catch some Zs. New York is the city that never sleeps… therefore, I do NOT sleep. When I left Berklee where I had two jobs, a band, and class, I thought I would inevitably get more sleep. WRONG. Sleep is a rare gift.

(and the bar is open till 4 am… so that REALLY does not help)

5. Talent is everywhere. There is ALWAYS someone more talented, prettier, thinner, more fashionable, friendlier, classier, a better fit, better connected, with more money and a tighter ass than you. But the bar is open until 4 am, where you can talk shit about that person who is “more ________” than you, and then cry about how much of a hot mess you are.

6. However, there will ALWAYS be a more dismal hot mess than you. So you can feel better knowing that there is always someone is in a worse situation, who most likely admires you for your talent, beauty, perseverance, and excellent ass.

7. There are a LOT of different people in this world with a LOT of different views, beliefs, religions, customs, sexualities, etc, etc. People who are constantly judging one another for our differences are the people who are so insecure about their own views, beliefs, religions, custom or sexuality, that they project it on others. Tolerance is a virtue.

8. Dating is just as exhausting as it is exciting… but mostly just exhausting. No more are the days when I used to get giggly and nervous, making sure every hair was in place, my makeup was perfect, and outfit was fashionable. Dating is work. Plain and simple. However, men are as disposable as those annoying flyers that the comedians hand out in Times Square. They are also really annoying like those comedians in Times Square…

9. Cats have nine lives, we don’t. So SERIOUSLY watch out for rowdy taxi drivers and people who like to push people on the subway tracks.  Hashtag #seriously

10. Living in a city that is full of successful women, makes me realize how much I DON’T need a man to tell me what I’m worth. Period.

11. Loneliness can sometimes be a good thing. Learning how to be independent in a city where people don’t care if you thrive or die is imperative for success. I’ve learned more about myself in the past year than I learned in all my college years combined.

12. If it is possible to hail a taxi in the pouring rain at rush hour on a Friday, anything is possible… including being a singer for a living. Performing is a lot easier than dealing with New York traffic.

13. Pizza is not a food group. 

14. Life is expensive. Good thing I’m a chick who can turn a smile into a free drink.

And finally…

15. I am in control of my own destiny. I can choose to let this crazy city define who I am and how I’ll feel at any given moment. OR I can choose to see New York as the crazy, beautiful city that it is. Good and bad. If I’ve learned ANYTHING this past year, it’s that you have a CHOICE about how you let any situation make you feel. I’ve been jerked in every direction by the music industry, casting directors, men, friends, bad weather, subway train delays, unfriendly Upper East Siders, Brooklyn hipsters, a hurricane… you name it! But the little beautiful moments in between the stress and no sleep and parties till 4 am and inhaling of taxi cab fumes remind me that I live the life I’ve always dreamed I’d live!

I’ve spent the last year accumulating amazing experiences, hanging out with new and old friends, and racking up stories SO juicy that sometimes I can’t believe they really happened to me. (Hello! Meeting Robin Williams on the A Train!?!?)

Good things.

All good things.

Aaaaaaaand the bar is open until 4 am…


Shannon Rose Allen


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