I have REALLY talented friends (Part 1: Freddie Atlas)

Hi everyone!

I know it’s been a while! The month of May was CRAZY and I’m finally just coming down from it.


I want to introduce a new little blog idea I’ve come up with where I shine a light on my talented friends!

First up is my dear, DEAR friend Fred.

We first met in a vocal improvisation class with Miss Gabrielle Goodman. I was immediately drawn to not only his gorgeous voice, but also his amazing personality.

Fast forward a few years, and we’ve become the closest of friends and trusted musical influences!

Fred just debuted his single, Vain, under the name Freddie Atlas.

PLEASE take a listen here!

The first thing that grabs me in this song is the haunting chord progression, doubled with the pouring rain sound effect in the background. I feel as though I’m in a scene of a movie where the lead actor has just had his heart ripped out by the love of his life.

Having known Fred for quite some time… I felt as though I knew what to expect with his first single. But I was completely BLOWN away. He gives me some of the most gorgeous falsetto lines that are so rare, especially in male singers today.

His sound is almost reminiscent of an r&b singer like Robin Thicke, but incorporates classical elements that we don’t often hear in pop music.

I found the song completely refreshing.

I still can’t believe the talent that oozes from my friends.

It’s unreal.


Shannon Allen


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