You CAN’T and you WON’T and you DON’T STOP

“I’ve got a hole in my head and there’s no one to fix it

Got to straighten my thoughts, I’m thinking too much sick shit

Everyone just takes and takes, takes, takes, takes

I’ve got to step back, I’ve got to contemplate

Because you can’t, you won’t and you don’t stop

Because you can’t, you won’t and you don’t stop

Oh, but you can’t, you won’t and you don’t stop

MCA come and rock the sure shot”


PREACH Beastie Boys (RIP MCA).


This is how I feel about this weekend.

I needed to step back and contemplate.

So that’s what I did this weekend.

And it paid off.

Not only did I recharge my batteries, but I was able to see some GREAT friends, see an AMAZING show, go to some BREATHTAKING New England beaches, and just RELAX.

Then today I got the email that I booked a Women in the Arts Showcase from my audition last week.


I left New York on Thursday night in DIRE need of a break. A break from the grind: the blood, sweat and tears. I needed to remember WHY I love New York by getting away from it. I needed a chance to remember that I am loved and appreciated as a performer and more importantly, a person.

And it’s all paid off.

I’m in Boston for one more day, and then I’m coming back to New York tomorrow morning with a vengeance.

So get ready bitches.

I feel like I have some good things waiting for me when I get home. So we’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂

My plan is set in motion: gigs, auditions, a wedding in Chicago, my Pink Party (which I’ll write a separate blog post about!) and just pounding that New York pavement.

On a more serious note, I had a heart to heart yesterday with my life coach, mentor, surrogate mother, SAVIOR, Jackie. We were talking about how much I’ve gone through in order to get to this exact point in my life. Since 2008, it’s been a pretty tough stretch of time. I’ve loved, lost, persevered, fought, sang, danced, lived, laughed and cried.

I think I’ve finally hit my turning point.

With performing.

With family.

With friends.

With forgiveness.

With men (hopefully…)

With life.

I’m ready to start this new era.

Bring it on.

So with that… I’ll give you some highlights of the weekend in pictures… because this shit was CRAZY!

So we’ll start with what I like to call: Sparkle Ass.

Let me preface this by saying that these pants were $15 from H&M and were FOUR sizes larger than my actual pant size (because H&M makes clothes for babies…). That FABULOUS belt is from DSW, and after getting marked down, I essentially spent nothing on it.

Oh yeah… and the zipper broke half way through the night… so THAT was fun.

Whatever… I love my hot pink pants. 🙂


Now after seeing an AMAZING rock opera at 939, I went out to drinks with one of the performers and her girlfriend. This lovely lady in the picture with me is probably one of the most INTERESTING, self-confident, bad-ass bitches that I’ve ever encountered. She is COMPLETELY her own person in ever facet of her being.

I want to be THAT person. I want to be completely sure of myself not just 90% of the time… but ALL THE TIME. I want to walk into a room where people are thinking, “What’s wrong with you??” and throw it back in their faces and say, “NOTHING! What’s wrong with YOU!? I’m just fine.”


And then here’s some pictures from yesterday when I truly got to explore New England and enjoy the beautiful beaches of MA.

This is what freedom looks like.


And this is what a happy girl looks like…


And these are lovebirds ❤

I want this kind of love.

“Cuddle with me while we sleep” kind of love.

“Snuggle with me because we’re both really cute” kind of love.

“Ive got your back” kind of love.


So here’s to love.

Here’s to music.

Here’s to life.

Here’s to the art of taking a break from reality.

Here’s to future prospects… both big and small.

Here’s to Boston.

Here’s to New York City. (More specifically, Hell’s Bitchin’ Kitchen!)


Shannon Rose Allen


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