The Boston Explosions

I’m horrified.

Beyond belief.

Firstly. I’m safe.

But what chills me to my CORE is the fact that I would have been in a building that was literally RIGHT next to the explosions.

Every year, Jackie’s friend has a party in her marketing office right near the finish line of the marathon.

I WENT last year.

This year… that was also the plan.

At the LAST MINUTE, Jackie and I decided not to get wrapped up in the chaos and go eat Indian food and go to the movies.

Then… in the middle of our lunch… I saw a Facebook status about a “bomb” in Copley Square.

Commence confusion and tears.

My first thought was… OH MY GOD MY FRIENDS.

I have not been off my phone for HOURS.

I’ve received countless calls and texts from friends and family.

Can I please just tell you all again how devastated I am?

I’m shaken.

To my core.

I feel like I cheated injury today. Or even death.

Something kept me away from the Marathon today.

Something bigger than me.

Most of you know that I don’t believe in a lot… but I DO believe that something saved me today.

Maybe it was my mom.

I don’t know.

But I KNOW that I have definitely felt the love today, both near and far.

I’m thankful to be safe.

So please… take the time to tell people you love them today.

It’s times like these we need to remember WHY love is the driving force of our lives.

I love.


And it’s times like these when I’m reminded of that truth.

I love you.

I love Boston.

I love LIFE.

Someone saved me today. And for that, I’m thankful.



Shannon Rose Allen


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