The Rocky Horror Spikes and Studs Picture EXTRAVAGANZA

Oh boy.

Last Saturday night was EVERYTHING.

I’ve seen Rocky Horror before, but I’ve (sadly) never done the live theater version.

Yes… until last Saturday, I was what Rocky Horror kids call “a virgin.”

So I decided to round up the troops and make a night of it!

We started with a soirée at (what else?) a gay bar right around the corner from the theater.

In my spiked bra and pin-striped suspenders… I drew a few stares.

But come on guys… this is me… I LOVED IT!

Then, my friend PJ was recognized by some random guy who was like… “Are you an actor?!?!?”

Turns out he had seen one of his previous shows.

So pretty much… we were famous. 😉

We also ended up with a free round of drinks before we left… which is strange because we had a bunch of straight women with us. Perhaps they were just trying to get the straight women drunk so that we would leave. Or maybe it was because we were FABULOUS!

And since a picture can say more than words can… here are some pictures chronicling the night.


When we got to the theater… there was the infamous “virgin” contest… and just take a GUESS who won.


The show was AMAZING and I had an incredible time with my FABULOUS friends!

I can’t wait to do it again! 🙂

A New York City Girl,



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