I’m a Lady: Treat Me Like One!

My patience is dwindling.

Hanging by a thread you might say.

And why?

Because I am DONE with the man-children I have met since moving to this city.

I’ve ranted about this before, but something that happened today pushed me completely over the edge.

I’m a free-thinking, feminist who likes to watch football, but can still wear stilettos and a LBD on the weekends. However… as forward-thinking as I may be… I AM STILL A LADY.

And I would appreciate it if I were treated like one.

Men of my generation seem to have this mentality that they can do as little work possible, treat a woman however they please, and expect to be fawned over.

Case in point #1:

We’ll just call this guy Ass Hole #1

Ass Hole #1 is charming. Ass Hole #1 wasted NO time flirting, flattering, questioning my interests and making me feel special. This ass hole tried SO hard to get me to say yes to going on a date with him, where he treated me to a nice dinner. After that he was interested for maybe another week, and then decided he would no longer answer any of my texts or calls.

Normally this wouldn’t infuriate me to the point of ranting and raving all over my blog.

But this particular ass hole decided he would TEXT me today after MONTHS of not speaking… acting like everything was fine.

Now you might be asking yourself, “Shan, why are you so upset by this?”

OHHHHH it gets better.

Let me present to you: Ass Hole #2:

Ass Hole number two really isn’t an ass hole… but what he did was kind of ass-hole-ish and was completely lame.

Ass Hole number two and I met a while ago. We chatted back and forth several times. After being flaked out on three separate occasions, I decided that I was done.

Saturday I get a TEXT. (Notice I keep referring to TEXTS and NOT phone calls)

We start chatting and I’m curious as to what he has to say.

Then shit gets weird. (If I need to explain this: you probably aren’t old enough to be reading my blog)

REALLY?!?! We haven’t spoken in MONTHS and you decide to send me a TEXT like that?!?!!

What the fuck is wrong with you!?! Drunk or not. I don’t fucking care.

I’m not here to answer your fucking desperate text when you feel lonely or need attention. Use your fucking hand and be done with it. Or find another girl.. cause she’s not here.

Now you still might be asking yourself, “Shan… was that REALLY that bad?? He was drunk. These things happen.”

Well let me present to you Ass Hole #3:

I met Ass Hole #3 and I honestly wasn’t even expecting it to be a romantic occurrence.

We started talking about our lives, and our goals and got into one of the most stimulating conversations I’ve had in a while.  I felt like I hadn’t been so candid with someone in a long time, and it was nice to just be able to have a conversation with someone of the opposite sex without any expectations.

The night ended with a kiss and an inquisition for my number.

I have not heard from this man since.

Now, you still may be asking yourself, “Shan, WHY are you SO mad?? There are plenty of nice guys out there, and these were just three that didn’t work out so well.”

Well let me tell you  Boo Boos: this is just a SMALL sampling of the Ass Holes I’ve met since I’ve moved to this illustrious city.

I’ve kept my mind open. I’ve allowed myself to the idea of meeting people anywhere, anytime.

It’s not like I’m just going out to bars and meeting sleaze balls.

In fact, some of these guys and I share mutual friends.

I’m just so SICK AND FUCKING TIRED of not being treated like a lady.

I understand that we live in a world of texting and Facebook and Twitter and everything is NOW, NOW, NOW. You can get anything you want, anytime you want, and there are infinite choices.

I understand that a lot of guys my age don’t want to settle down or get “tied down,” but guess what: NEITHER DO I NECESSARILY.

I’m just asking for some respect.

If we go on a date, I’m not automatically assuming we’ll get married and have a million kids.

That’s not me. My dreams are big… and they will be accomplished whether or not a man is a part of that equation.

So before I work myself into what Ro used to call “a tizzy,” I’m going to breathe and calmly explain the point I’m trying to get across here.

1. I KNOW that all men are not ass holes… so please, men, SPARE me the “Nice Guys Finish Last” bullshit. I’ve heard it a HUNDED million times and I KNOW that there are guys out there who get treated like shit. THIS girl, does not treat men like shit… and would GLADLY welcome a nice guy to cross her path.

(seriously… if you post some STUPID comment along these lines on my Facebook page. I will delete it. And probably delete you as a friend. Just saying…)

2. STOP TEXTING ME 100% OF THE TIME. Pick up the phone.  I like your voice. It is so easy to send a text. TRY a little harder and actually pick up the damn phone.

3. Take me on a date. When did men get this idea that women don’t  like to go out on dates anymore? And I’m NOT saying this has to be something like a fancy dinner. Let’s go watch a football game or go to a museum or walk around central park. Hell… if you wanna sit around with a bottle of wine and watch Game of Thrones, I’M YOUR GIRL!

4. Be honest. One time I met this guy and we had what I thought was a great conversation, but he didn’t ask for my number at the end of the night. Was it a hard pill to swallow? Absolutely. However… did this guy bullshit about how he was going to call/text me the next day?? NO. I like honestly. Stop feeding me bullshit. It is NOT attractive.

5. Try.

Listen bitches… I have grown up with two WONDERFUL men in my life: my brother and my dad. I have watched them treat women with nothing but respect my entire life. I have watched my brother do things for his wife that are ABOVE and BEYOND what any man has ever done for me. Care a little more. I know it’s possible. I’ve watched my father and brother do it. If you care… you will find ways to show a woman you care.


MAN it feels good to get that out.

I’m going to have a drink now.


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