The Incredibly Crazy Life and Times of Shannon Allen

It has been one HELL of a week.

Let’s start with Tuesday night when Jen, Fred and I made a field trip to Rockefeller Center to see the election results.  I dressed up in my American flag leggings and furry leg warmers that I bought in Santee Alley in LA. It was incredible to be in the center of everything: watching Brian Williams’ live broadcast, watching the states turn red or blue on the ice rink, hearing everyone cheering/booing with each state’s results.  It was CRAZY

Since Jen and I are little balls of energy, we got our pictures taken quite a few times and then once Fred joined us, we were on live broadcasts of NBC and ABC.

It was pretty awesome.

Then the next morning I saw this:

Here’s the full picture:

Despite the most UNFLATTERING angle on EARTH: Giving me 16 chins… this was PRETTY DAMN COOL!

I also ended up emailing one of the photographers after the night and asked to see the picture he took of Jen and I with our crazy outfits.  We started chatting and he told me that he was also a freelancer.  I told him about my breast cancer project and inquired about his prices and services.  He ended up going out of his way to find and watch my YouTube video and told me that he didn’t care how tight my budget was, that he would definitely work with me and take some shots for the project.

HOW COOL IS THAT?!? It’s amazing how a person I don’t even know, is willing to help me out because he believes in my cause! 🙂

The week flew by, and before I knew it… it was the weekend…

And WHAT a weekend it was.

I know that my last post, I was a bit of a Debby Downer. However, I have since re-evaluated my love life, and I realize although there are definitely no dating prospects in my life, I continue to fall into theses ridiculous opposite-sex situations that leave me laughing at how TRULY crazy my life is, and continues to be.

On Friday, Jen and I went to Upright Citizen’s Brigade to see an improv show and LAUGHED OUR ASSES OFF! The comedy troupe was called “Law and Disorder” and they basically called up someone to tell them an incriminating story about their lives, and then do sketches based off their story.  The guy who was in the hot seat was this guy:

Look familiar? If you recognize him, it’s probably because you watched him on the show Bethenny Ever After on Bravo.  He told the audience that he was cast to play the part of Bethenny’s assistant, but was only present during filming, as much of the show was scripted.  He then told us that he missed the craziness of Hurricane Sandy, as he flew out to Chicago to meet a 45-year-old woman, who he met on Facebook.

As you can imagine, the sketches were HYSTERICAL.  The guy was a really great sport, and pretty easy on the eyes too. 🙂

Anyway… after the show, Jen and I decided to stop by the piano bar, Don’t Tell Mamma. The music was AWESOME, and we met some really cool people.  Well, after a few whiskey diets, I jumped up on stage and started singing with the piano player.  It’s always refreshing to perform and have people that you don’t know reenforce the idea that I am SUPPOSED to continue singing.  It’s been something that I need to keep telling myself, especially when you live in a cut throat city like New York.

Jen and I closed the bar down (which, in NYC, is a pretty big feat) and headed back uptown where I crashed on her couch instead of walking the 6 blocks back to my house. (Laziness at its finest)

Saturday, I got off to a late start (as you do when you go to sleep at 5 a.m.) but decided that I wasn’t going to let a hangover ruin my weekend.  So, I put on my workout clothes and went running in Central Park with a friend.  Central Park was putting on a show called Jazz and Colors where 30 different bands were playing throughout the park.  While I was waiting for my friend, I started to watch one of the bands and was approached by an incredibly attractive man, who wanted to talk to me about jazz and running.

Mind you… HE started the conversation.

I was flattered.  I was looking pretty shabby in my running tights and tattered sweatshirt, but this guy was really nice.

And then… I saw his wedding band.


Working out in the park was awesome, but then it was time for some fun.

My friend and I decided that since we couldn’t watch the Browns play this weekend, we would hit up a college football bar.  Since I’m a Notre Dame fan, I decided to look up Irish bars.  We found one in Midtown East, and as soon as we  walked in, there were two charming boys who looked like they were a lot of fun.

So naturally, we invited them to sit with us…

The rest of the night consisted of beer, football, quoting Super Troopers, and then eventually ending the night with dancing.  If you want the full story, you can message me…

After assessing the weekend, ESPECIALLY after how shitty I was feeling last week, I starting to rethink my expectations about the New York dating scene.  Sure, I may not be falling in love, but I’m sure having one hell of a time meeting new people and grabbing a few drinks here and there.

Maybe the men in New York aren’t so bad after all… It just might take me some time to find MY New York man.

Until then… I’ll keep living my crazy life… because hey, I’m getting some PRETTY good stories out of these situations.  My friends from back home are thoroughly enjoying my single life fodder, as my stories could literally write an entire season’s worth of sitcom episodes.

Until the next New York minute…

Shannon Allen

P.S. This is great.


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