I made it through the STORM!

Hello friends,

I apologize that it has taken so long for me to get a new post to you all.

As you can imagine… it’s been pretty crazy here in NYC.

First of all: Yes, I am safe.  Luckily I live in the Upper, Upper, (Upper) West Side, so we didn’t get his as bad as lower Manhattan.  Our light flickered a little bit, but we never lost power.

However… this happened

I lied… that didn’t actually happen… at all.  But I DO wish that happened as opposed to what actually DID happen.  Some of my friends are still without power and I know some people who have flooded houses in Long Island.  My heart especially goes out to all the patients of NYU’s hospital who had to be taken elsewhere after the backup generator failed.  Those doctors, nurses and EMTs are truly heroes.

Now that the city is starting to get back to normal though… I just have to say:

New Yorkers get STUPID in the face of a natural disaster.  Apparently when the MTA shuts down, ever single New Yorkers BRAIN also shuts down.  I watched a cyclist riding in the middle of the street, who tried to ride his bike between an ambulance with its sirens on and a completely over capacity city bus… GOING THE WRONG WAY. Seriously dude!?

Or how about at the grocery store.  Just because the city is out of commission, does NOT give you permission to mull over a bag of Cheetos for FIVE minutes at the checkout counter.  THEY ARE FUCKING CHEETOS. I’m pretty sure most New Yorkers could cut out their sodium intake anyway.

Don’t even get me started about Starbucks.  I went there yesterday to grab an iced coffee, since the branch near me opened up again, and EVERYONE WAS FREAKING OUT.  One day without your triple, caramel, mocha, lattee, pumpkin spice, extra whipped cream, frappe, and you all go NUTS! I felt bad for the poor employees who CLEARLY did not think they would be working so soon after the storm, get badgered by these idiots and I just wanted to yell at them and say: IT’S JUST FUCKING COFFEE!

Seriously New Yorkers of my neighborhood: Be THANKFUL that you have power, an open grocery store and a Starbucks! There are people in this city without power, heat, hot food, and… OH YEAH… they just lost their possessions in THE STORM!

Anyway… I’m really not that unhappy… I just think it’s kind of nuts of crazy people get during natural disasters.  It’s like they throw out all human decency just because the city is trying to turn itself back on.

In other news: This is hysterical:

Also, a quick update with my music.

I have been writing like a MAD WOMAN and hope to have my campaign up and running by later December or the 1st of the New Year.  I tried to record myself singing my new song, Never Give In, but I just wrote it yesterday, and it looked stupid when I kept referencing the lyrics on my chart. I’m REALLY proud of this song, and I’m thinking it might be the “theme” song of my breast cancer campaign.

Until next time… everyone stay safe and please don’t yell at any Starbucks employees.



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