Griff does NYC

My dad came to New York this weekend.




He got in at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning, and we dropped his suitcase off at my place and headed to Midtown.  We grabbed brunch at a diner on 59th street and then headed downtown to the World Trade Center.

Then we walked down to the beautiful Battery Park and got tickets for the Statue of Liberty.

It was bizarre actually being a tourist for once.  I completely embraced it by helping my dad pick out a hat from the gift shop, and taking a bazillion pictures with my phone and putting them on Instagram.

Here is the best picture I got of the city skyline while we were on the island.

Then I snapped some pics of Lady Liberty’s booty! 🙂

I couldn’t get a good picture of the front because (surprise!) the statue was under construction.

Let me ask you something… can you remember a time (within the last decade) that the Statue of Liberty was NOT under construction!?! Lame.  I wanted to walk up those steps and get my workout for the rest of the month! Forget the stairmaster, I just want to walk up to the top of the Statue of Liberty!

After we got back to Manhattan, we headed back uptown and walked around Times Square and stumbled upon a flea market that stretched all the way from 42nd street to 59th on Broadway.  I LOVE that kind of shit! So much cheap jewelry, knock-off purses, screen-printed t-shirts, and greasy food!

I bought a new pair of sunglasses for five bucks (since I STUPIDLY lost my Ray Bans at the beginning of the summer). I had to teach my dad all the “rules” of shopping downtown… such as NEVER accept a “free” CD from a hip hop artist on the street. It is NOT free.. and they will ask you to pay for it after they hand it to you.

My dad and I got shakes at Steak and Shake (because that’s what you do when you’re from Ohio) and walked around on the most BEAUTIFUL day in the city.

After the street fair, we went back to Washington Heights to relax, drink beer, and collect ourselves before going out to dinner.

Alex, my dad and I went down to the East Village to this awesome burger place that I bought a Groupon for.  I had the BEST burger with fresh chili and cheese on it. After I finished eating my dinner I said, “I’m SO GLAD I got chili on my burger.”

And now Alex won’t stop making fun of me because I eat, burp and fart like a man. Oh well… 😉

On the walk back to the subway, we’re crossing the street and I see this really pretty, petite, blonde walking in front of me.  As soon as she passes with her group of equally beautiful girl friends, I hit Alex in the arm and say, “DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT WAS?!”

We just ran into Amanda Seyfried on the streets of New York.

In case any of you need a reminder of just how beautiful this girl is, here’s a visual…

How is it that I lived her ALL SUMMER without a celebrity sighting, and then all the sudden I see Robin Williams on the A train, Colin Quinn in a Starbucks and Amanda Seyfried in the East Village within a two-week period?!?

Hey, I’m not complaining.

When we got back home, we busted out some more beers and watched the Nortre Dame game and invited Jen and Chetan over.

And that’s when the party STARTED!

My dad was laying out some ZINGERS! Seriously… I knew my dad was funny… but he was HYSTERICAL. My friends were all dying of laughter… especially Jennifer.

Notre Dame won, then we watched SNL and laughed throughout the ENTIRE thing! I’m so happy that this season started off with a bang! Seth MacFarlane was hysterical and it looks like the kings of the show are definitely Sudeikis and Hader.  Between Sudeikis and his Romney and Hader and his James Carville/Shep Stewart impressions, this season is gonna be A-O.K.

On Sunday it was FOOTBALL TIME! My dad and I got dressed up in our Browns attire and headed to Midtown to a place called The Irish Pub to watch football on their flat-screen televisions. Of course… the Browns ended up losing, but we had lots of beers, laughs, and cheers throughout the day. After a long couple hours of watching the Brownies lose (what’s new?) I showed my dad around 30 Rock, and then we found a pizza place on the upper west side where we are pizza and drank more beer! Hooray!

After the game, we were totally beat.  We came back to the apartment and decided to watch Bridesmaids since my dad had never seen it.  I’ll tell you something that I know Jennifer and Raven will agree with me about… I LOVE THAT MOVIE.  I could watch it ever day.

Here is one of my favorite scenes.  I could seriously watch Melissa McCarthy be funny every second of every day.

After such a long day of being disappointed by Cleveland sports, we called it an early night.

The next morning my dad and I got brunch at my favorite neighborhood spot, Coogan’s.  Since it was September 17th, and half-way to St. Patrick’s Day, Coogan’s was doing what they call “The Practice.” The Practice is basically a day where you are supposed to “practice” drinking for St. Patrick’s Day, since it’s only six months away.

We had a great brunch, some mimosas, and then we were off to Strawberry Fields.

We took the train down to 59th, and walked up to 72nd where John Lennon used to live, and went to Strawberry Fields to see the iconic Imagine mosaic.


Strangely enough I was wearing a Hendrix shirt that day, but I’m pretty sure John Lennon would have been okay with that. 🙂

After walking around Central Park for a bit, we decided to do the ultimate New York tourist thing… go to the top of the Empire State Building. The last time I was at the Empire State Building, I was a freshman in High School, and it had rained that day, so all anyone could see were clouds.  It was quite the disappointment.  However, we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day!

Here are some pictures.


After spending time up on the observatory deck, we continued to be touristy and buy useless New York knick knacks! I bought an “I ❤ NY” hat, two “I ❤ NY” salt and pepper shakers shaped like little piggies, and an “I ❤ NY” shot glass.  Even though tourists in New York annoy me to my CORE, I had a lot of fun pretending I was just visiting the city by going into shops and haggling for better prices on overpriced tourist shit. 🙂

My dad had to catch his flight in a few hours, so we headed over to 34th and 8th to a place called Lucy’s for a beer.  Turns out we were right on time for happy hour, so we got a few beers and reflected on our AWESOME weekend! My dad gave me an Irish shamrock sculpture that he got when he took a trip to Ireland, and told me he wanted me to have it as my “lucky charm.”

I love my dad.

Sadly the trip was nearing the end, so we went back to my apartment and my dad packed up his suitcase.

But before he left, we HAD to record some videos.

OF COURSE, we did some Beatles tunes.

For some reason I can’t seem to embed those videos, so until I figure it out, you can check them out on my Facebook Fan Page:

Yeah… my dad’s pretty cool 🙂 I think he did well in New York City.

Always daddy’s little girl,

Shanny 🙂


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