Chick-fil-A can suck my Dick-fil-A

I will repeat that: Chick-fil-A can suck my DICK-fil-A.

I was planning on writing a blog about a completely different topic, but I am FAR too riled up right now.  I have never been so frustrated and sad about an issue before.

DISCLAIMER: For those of you who de-friend me, un-follow me, write hate comments as a result of this post: I DON’T FUCKING CARE!!!!!!! If you promote hatred, I don’t want you in my life.  Just love. Just. Love.

Before you read what I have to say about this: How about you read up the facts about this company.

Here’s a recent Huffington Post article:,b=facebook

I think the fundamental values of Christianity are great: “Love thy Neighbor,” the Bible says. Although I don’t subscribe to any particular religious views, I can say that I am definitely pro-love and anti-hate. I don’t have anything against religious people, but I DO have a problem with those who promote hatred.

This is why this whole Chick-fil-A nonsense BOILS MY BLOOD.

This is a quote from the link above:

“1) Chick-fil-A has donated at least $5 million to organizations (including a certified hate group) that, among other things, depict gay people as pedophileswant to make “gay behavior” illegal, and even say gay people should be “exported” out of America.”

REALLY?!?! Gay people are pedophiles???? “Gay behavior” is a TERM!?!?!  We should export gay people out of this country!?!? REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

What if Chick-fil-A gave over 5 million dollars to group that thought African Americans/Native Americans/Asians/Indians/Latinos should be exported out of our country??? Oh wait… wasn’t there an instance where blacks and whites had to use separate bathrooms/go to different schools/use different water fountains.


What if Chick-fil-A gave over 5 million dollars to an anti-women’s group that thought women should no longer be able to vote?? Wasn’t there an instance where women were not allowed to vote on the issues of our nation and they rose up an fought against it???


I am not a hater.  I am a lover.

I understand that many people in this country and around the world have many different beliefs.  Fuck… had Chick-fil-A given their money to a Christian organization that supported LOVING all God’s children… I wouldn’t be writing this post!!!!!!! The fact of the matter is, the longer we validate and fund BLATANT hatred… we are going to allow the LGBT community to be on the receiving end of bullying and discrimination.

This is NOT okay.

SO many of my best friends are openly gay. They are just people… People who happen to love people of the same sex.  And you know what??? My gay friends have SO much love in their hearts.  They LOVE, even in the face of animosity.  I have listened to people scream things like, “fag” and “homo” to my friend’s faces.  It is disgusting.  It is bullying.  It is HATE. And it is also fear.

Why are we so afraid of those who are different from us?

I have watched people who are “facebook friends” post some of the most disgusting statuses today that I have ever witnessed.  Some are even stating that they have been reminded by Christian websites to go to Chick-fil-A in support of their choice to speak out against gay rights.  Some people are saying that they don’t care because it doesn’t affect them, BUT IT DOES! The minute that someone attempts to limit our rights to be who we truly are, then we are all in danger!

I know that I can speak for some (not all) of my gay friends in saying that they feel hurt by this entire situation.  If I had my “friends” posting that they were in support of a company that donates to hate groups against me, JUST because I love people of the same sex, I would feel AWFUL. Don’t say you mean “no offense” or that “it doesn’t affect you” so you don’t care.  That is ignorance. It’s hurtful.  It’s hate.

I’m not asking that you agree with gay marriage, but PLEASE respect that we are all human beings. We all have feelings.  No one deserves to be threatened because they inherently love another person.

“No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life… I’m on the RIGHT TRACK baby I was born to survive.  No matter black, white or beige, Chola, or Orient-made… I’m on the right track baby I was BORN TO BE BRAVE.” – Lady Gaga

Fight for what’s right.

Shannon Allen (The biggest fruit-fly, fag-hag, born to be brave, queer queen, lesbian-loving, DRAG QUEEN on the earth)



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