Don’t be a Drag… just befriend a DRAG QUEEN

I love the LGBT community.

I hate to seem like I’m echoing Lady Gaga here (although she is one of my idols) but I feel right at home here in New York City exploring the gay community. I have lived in NYC for all of week and a half and already I feel as though I am exactly where I need to be.  I have had no feelings of culture shock, homesickness or feeling out of place.

I’m home.

New York is a place where you can be anyone you want to be, live however you want, and never have to give a fucking reason for it!

Last night my roommate Jen and I went to yet another rooftop gay bar where we got free vokda drinks for an hour, danced on tables and posed for pictures with our drag queen roommate, who looks better as a girl than both of us put together!!! It was an amazing feeling getting ready to go out and dressing up for MYSELF and no one else.  I didn’t have to think about what some fucking tool of a guy would think of my outfit, hair, makeup or attitude.  I was going out to be with my friends and let loose after a long day at work.

Aside from a few queen divas, everyone at the club was SO incredibly accepting.  No one cared that Jen and I were stealing the spotlight when we jumped up on the center platform to dance.  No one cared that we bumping into people while letting loose on the dance floor.  There were no jealous girls looking around judging one another because there weren’t any straight men to compete for their attention!

For once in my life I feel like I’ve started doing things for me, and ONLY me.  Sure, I love my friends, family, roommates, co-workers, but I’m no longer concerned with pleasing anyone before I please myself.  (That sounded dirty… ew.)  But IT’S TRUE!

If the gay community has taught me anything, it’s that being unafraid and unashamed to be exactly who you are, every SINGLE moment of your life is what keeps us grounded as human beings.  Since I’ve been in NYC, I haven’t had a single, self-deprecating thought about myself.  This is probably because I’m not concerned with pleasing the opposite sex or enticing men with their idea of what a “woman” should be. I feel good about my body and more importantly, my soul.

I no longer have any preconceived notions of who I should be or who I should become.


On another, more serious note, I’d like to address something a bit heavier.  The ongoing issue of gay equality.

Last night, after our gay rooftop romp, Jen and I used my new favorite app, Happy Hours, to find cheap drinks in Hell’s Kitchen.  We found a little dive with 3 dollar drafts and sat and delved into a deep, drunken chat.  We kept talking about how much fun our gay bar experiences have been, and then we addressed the issue of sexuality and what it means to be “gay” or “straight.”

What is being gay?

And for that matter, what is being straight?

I told Jen last night that a lot, and I mean, A LOT of the people I consider my best friends are either gay or some fluctuation of bi-sexual.  I feel like the minority sometimes in my group of friends because I’m not attracted to the same sex! Hell, I’ve had so many people come out to me, I basically feel like I’m always waiting for the remainder of my straight friends to come up to me and say, “HEY GUESS WHAT??? I’M QUEER!”

And guess what… It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other.

One of my best friends came out to me several years ago and I can remember him asking me, “Do you still want to be my friend? Does this weird you out?” and all I could think was, “Does this bitch really think I’m going to disown him just because he sleeps with men????”  If my friends can forgive me for getting drunk and making them carry me home, I’m PRETTY positive I can deal with the fact that you are being TRUE to yourself!

So why do so many people have a problem with the issue of sexuality?

Isn’t being hated for being gay, the same thing as hating people based on race, ethnicity, religion, etc??

I don’t believe in hate.  I believe in love.  Fuck… I believe in being the weirdest fucking weirdo out there, if that’s what makes you happy.  I don’t support people who hate others, I support people who love others, even when they might not necessarily agree with them.

Let’s take a stance.  Let’s fight for equality.  Let’s fight for love; love of ourselves, love of others, love for people who need it.  Sometimes the people that hate, are the ones who need the most love.

I know this post was a little heavy, and usually my posts are snarky and humorous, but this is an issue that is close to my heart.  My gay friends have my heart!  I am a better person because my friends are all different and unique, not some carbon-copy versions of your average American citizen.

If you read this and disagree, that’s your prerogative.  I’m not asking you to agree with me, I’m just asking that you stop hating and agree to co-exist with people who might be a little different from you.  If this blog post means that I create some haters, or lose some readers, so be it.  I will never back down on what I stand for, even in the face of adversity.  This is who I am and if you think I’m a fucking creep, you’re absolutely correct.  I make no apologies.

Be a freak.  Be a drag queen.  Be a weirdo.  Be a fucking crazy person!

Never hide your lady business. I don’t



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