New York City, meet Shan Halen!

It’s official people! I’m a New York City RESIDENT!

This strange, beautiful journey began on June 2nd, 2012 when myself, Jackie Indrisano and Michaelangelo Indisano set out from Boston in a jam-packed SUV. The ride was full of laughter, loud music and a little bit of road rage at the idiocy of some highway drivers.  PASS ON THE LEFT FUCKERS! The drive was postponed a day, due to flash floods in Mass, which gave me another day to decompress after a mini-freakout moment I had while packing the car.

Ok… it was a MAJOR freakout.  Good thing I have pills for this…

We arrived in Washington Heights (my new neighborhood) in record time! I discovered that my apartment is a five-floor walkup, which made for a fantastic “New York City workout” on my first day. My ass is gonna be SO TIGHT when this summer is over due to walking up stairs and navigating the city in five-inch heels.  My neighborhood consists of a large Dominican population and a plethora of Columbia Med School students, as the school is a block from my apartment.  My favorite part of every morning so far has been walking into Starbucks and DROOLING over the hot med students! Men in scrubs… HOT!

After getting all my shit (and I have A LOT of shit) up five stories, Jackie, Michael and I went to go pick up the newest edition to the Indrisano family: Ella Apple Bottom Jeans and Foots with the Fur. She is a Morkie: a cross between a Yorkie and a Maltese.  She is also the runt so she is just the teeniest tiniest baby doll! Everyone was IN LOVE with her, including her foster family Lil Papi and Papi’s mom, who took care of her until Jackie was able to come to New York.

After picking up Ella, who kept falling asleep every five minutes, looking PAINFULLY cute, we headed to Brooklyn for a 939 dinner party.  We were in the beautiful Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn in a BEAUTIFUL backyard with rose bushes and home-grown veggies.  I was in heaven.  THIS is the New York I always pictured: lounging in beautiful backyards on a sunny day with good food, good friends and good times.

This was until Jackie tried to POISON us!

Not really, but it was quite funny how this situation came about.

As Jackie is the Queen master chef, she jumped in and started helping with dinner.  She began to add “olive oil” to her rice, but then noticed a funny taste when sampling the dish.  Jackie had unknowingly put lighter fluid that was meant for the tiki torches into her food.  Everyone started freaking out, and it ended with a call to New York poison control!!! And this was just the beginning of the night.

When everyone got to the dinner party it ended up being a night of hilarious stories about shitting your pants, farting and burping.   As these are three of my FAVORITE subjects, naturally I enjoyed the conversations.  I will say that I didn’t realize that so many people had stories about shitting their pants… The world is a twisted place.

The next morning was my first day at my new internship.  I thought I had a pretty good handle of the New York City subway system… until I actually had to travel from Washington Heights, Manhattan to Park Slope, Brooklyn.  First, I got on a local train instead of an express train because I was convinced that the C ran express, not the A.  Rookie mistake number 1.

Then when I switched to the G train in Brooklyn, I forgot to move to the other platform and continued to go two stops in the wrong direction, before getting off and switching trains.  Rookie Mistake number 2.

Mind you, I was also wearing my brand new Guess, nude platform heels and a dress, so it took me twice as long to walk from one point to the next because my steps were smaller.  Rookie Mistake number 3.

Eventually I found myself at my internship office, where I was inundated in all things social media, PR, blogging, pitching and everything that has to go with cyber public relations management.  This job is truly perfect for me.


The past 6 days in New York City have been filled with working, navigating subway lines, live shows, gay bars, spontaneous singing in Times Square, beer, wine and overpriced whiskey drinks. But I would have it no other way.

I went to my first New York gay club the other night with my two roommates, one straight girl and one gay drag queen.  My guy roommate is ONE HOT PIECE! He looked SO MUCH BETTER than I ever do as my prettiest girl! I met a ton of new friends, danced up a storm and was SO happy to not have to give a shit about getting picked up.  It was so much fun and a great way to bond with my new roommates.  There were a few snags: I had a hole in the inner thighs of my jeans, my necklace broke in the bathroom and my fucking zipper on my already holey jeans BROKE! I spent the rest of my night looking like a hobo, not giving a shit what anyone thought about me!  Not to mention I had just come from a rock show where I was sweaty from dancing and rocking out. Oh yeah… and an 8 hour work day. Fuck.

But I’m not complaining! My roommie and I walked home from the bar singing Mariah Carey’s Vision of Love and Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love of All.  People laughed at us, cheered us on, and gave us strange looks, but we didn’t give a shit.  We were embracing out new city.

Yesterday, after a LONG day at the office updating a database, I went to a BMI Women in Music panel with so many powerful, beautiful women music executives.  It was so inspiring to see these power ladies who had worked their way up to success over the years.  I got to hear many personal stories about the struggles of being in a business largely dominated by men and how they came to be in the positions they currently hold.  I got to talk to some of them afterward and they were all extremely encouraging of my career aspirations, which makes me think I’m doing something right!

I’m a busy little bee right now, but I’m going to try to post more regularly, and I’m SURE I’ll have plenty of worthy blog topics in the upcoming weeks!

Until then, stay classy motherfuckers!

Shan Halen


2 thoughts on “New York City, meet Shan Halen!

  1. Love your post, as always. So glad everything is working out- as in time they do. Miss you like crazy, hope you find the time to keep writing because then I can feel like I’m running rampant in NYC with you! Love you lady.

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